Savings NEED

Income Comparison

Invested Income

For Monthly
Funds at Retirement


Financial Advisors use the 10-year US Treasury Bond as a
benchmark to analyze how much money you would need to invest to receive a
certain amount of income.

As an example: to create an income of $100,000 per year, you
would need to invest $2,500,000 in a 10 Year Treasury Security paying 4%. (rate
in 2005)

The following schedule highlights the equivalent amount of money
you would need to invest to create a similar income stream to what can be
created as an Independent Distributor with MA.
We help people build income while maintaining their present occupation.

If this confuses you, concerns you, or makes you want to
re-think a Plan B, please contact us.






(amount invested in

T Bond to return same
amount of $$)

$300.00 per Month


$600.00 per Month


$900.00 per Month


$1,500.00 per Month


$2,100.00 per Month


$2,100.00 per Week


$3,600.00 per Week



*MA is a business opportunity, not a
security. The income levels are not
intended to represent the earnings of a typical MA Independent
Distributor. There is no guarantee that
a new MA Distributor will eventually earn income at those levels.
The success of any distributor depends upon
the devotion and work dedicated to the MA Business.