In Jane's Closet New Site with BISI

What an adventue I am on. I have found BISI or BuyItSellIt. This site is offering a great online option for those who do not want to do their own SEO. Great option or add-on for Ebay folks.
Make sure you check out my work in progress. I have been working on this for several months. Really beginning to figure out lots of great choices with this software and such great community support.!


Monday, February 16, 2009
Clyde, my 150 lb Neopolitan Mastiff Granddog needs all the help he can get....PET HEALTH, OPC-3 with Glucosamine.....formulated for cats and dogs. Clyde comes to see his granny every day for "doggie day-care". He can tell time too. Just ask Jane, one of my followers, what happens at 4:30 pm?