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Market America® blends the best of, Walmart, and the Franchise concept into the
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How do I earn cash back?
  • Sign up as a Preferred Customer on my Market America participating website
  • Be sure you are logged in each time you shop for Market America branded products or from our partner stores
  • Get 2% cash back for your qualifying purchases, and refer your friends to also receive .5% cash back on the purchases they make where the ma Cashback logo is displayed!
Can I refer my friends? Yes! When you create a Preferred Customer account or when you’re logged in, simply enter one or more of your friend’s e-mail addresses in the text box under the heading “Invite Friends.” There’s a default message to your friends, or you can customize it with your own message. You’ll earn .5% cash back on all of their future, qualifying purchases. PLUS, they’ll start earning 2% cash back on all of their own purchases where the ma Cashback logo appears when they are logged in as a Preferred Customer!

How do I see how much is in my ma Cashback account? When you’re logged in, you can see how much is in your ma Cashback account at the top of the page on your Customer Manager’s Web Portal. Or, you can click on Your Account and choose the ma Cashback option to see your available and pending amount.

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