The Money Language

Speak The “Money Language”

What are your monthly expenses? 
How much does it take to cover your basic overhead in your home?
Do you have $90,000 tucked away?
What is $90,000 really all about?
Can you begin today by placing $650 per month in an investment account over the next 10 years?
Do you trust your money in an investment account?
Have you recently seen investments decline or lose value?
Have you heard that government pensions are going to be reduced?
Do you know that people who have become accustomed to nice fixed incomes may be adjusting that very soon? Reports are circulating about pensions from state and local Governments possibly being reduced as they are pretty much all insolvent and 2.5 million layoffs in this sector in the coming months.
Do you have a plan B?  Why or Why not?
Would you like to consider a Plan B?
What does it take to create, earn, or save $90,000?

Investment Goal Calculator

An initial investment of $1,000 and contributions of $650 monthly may total $97,145 in 10 years.

This assumes you have a tax deferred investment with a rate of return 4.00% and earnings are compounded annually. It also assumes that all new contributions happen at the start of each monthly period. If your investment's earnings were taxable at a combined marginal tax rate of 29.500%, your ending balance would be reduced to $91,350. After taxes and 3.10% annually for inflation, your total would be further reduced to $67,317.

***information found from financial calculators via internet—many are available

Your plan is on track to exceed your goal of $90,000.
Results Summary
Investment goal
Number of years to accumulate
Amount of initial investment
Periodic contribution
$650 monthly
Rate of return on investment
compounded annually
Expected inflation rate
Federal marginal tax rate
State marginal tax rate
State taxes deductible on Federal return?
Combined marginal tax rate
Tax Deferred Investment Total
Taxable Investment Total
Taxable Investment After Inflation

Do you have the money to make this happen?

MA Income Comparison
Invested Income Needed For Monthly Funds at Retirement

•         Financial Advisors use the 10-year US Treasury Bond as a benchmark to analyze how much money you would need to invest to receive a certain amount of income.
•         As an example: to create an income of $100,000 per year, you would need to invest $2,500,000 in a 10 Year Treasury Security paying 4%. (rate in 2005)
•         The following schedule highlights the equivalent amount of money you would need to invest to create a similar income stream to what can be created as an Independent Distributor with MA.  We help people build income while maintaining their present occupation.
•         If this confuses you, concerns you, or makes you want to re-think a Plan B, please contact us.

Business Income*

Comparable Value
(amount invested in T Bond to return same amount of $$)
$300.00 per Month
$600.00 per Month
$900.00 per Month
$1,500.00 per Month
$2,100.00 per Month
$2,100.00 per Week
$3,600.00 per Week

*MA is a business opportunity, not a security.  The income levels are not intended to represent the earnings of a typical MA Independent Distributor.  There is no guarantee that a new MA Distributor will eventually earn income at those levels.  The success of any distributor depends upon the devotion and work dedicated to the MA Business.

If the information above brings concern or food for thought, it may be time for new thinking.
Rather than doing the above just to generate $300 per month; consider this.
Would you be willing to learn about a product or service that you can market directly to individuals or via the internet and generate $300 per month.
Would it be easier to find 15 customers generating $20 profit per month?
Once you do that would it be easier to teach 2 other people to find 15 customers so they, too can generate $300 per month for themselves.  Now you have helped generate $900 total dollars per month.
Would it be great to know by you teaching what you know that you can be rewarded in a teaching bonus or training check of $300 per month.  Yes you would generate $300 per month by learning to share with others!  You then are at $600 per month.  Based on the chart above, one would have to have $180K invested to create an ongoing income of just $600 per month.

Get serious.  Which would be easier?  Working a 2nd or 3rd job to create $650 to invest monthly or asking people to purchase products that would be helpful to them?  In today’s economic climate, the decision may be easier than it has been in our lifetime.

What is Market America?

Over the past few years, there have been more goods and services sold over the internet than in some brick and mortar stores and catalogs.  Market America has figured out a SYSTEMATIZED way to capture a good percentage of that volume. In that systematized process people are making great money in addition to word of mouth and face to face.  Some earn a little extra and some a LOT extra.

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