MochaTonix® is a nutritionally balanced drink, using Advantra Z

What is MochaTonix and what will it do for me?
MochaTonix is a nutritionally balanced drink, using Advantra Z to provide you with a pleasant burst of energy, increase your body's metabolism and heighten your energy, alertness and endurance levels. MochaTonix delivers essential nutrients to the brain to aid in the synthesis of noradrenalin, an important neurotransmitter, so you can feel more alert, concentrate better and think more clearly. With the essential amino acids and herbs such as ginseng, gingko biloba and rhodiola, this blend helps your body fight the detrimental effects of mental and physical stress.  Providing a significant edge in the fight against weight loss, this intricate combination of herbs ensures that deep health at the cellular level is maintained, resulting in a healthier weight loss.  MochaTonix is perfect for individuals who are on the go. Sometimes making the effort to lose weight can seem like one more overwhelming task.  However, with MochaTonix as a part of a healthy weight loss plan, one can rest assured that they are making good choices not only for their waistline, but for their overall well-being. 

Comments said…
I love not only love how Mochatonix makes me feel, but I love the taste. Sometimes on a day when around 2 or 3 in the afternoon I feel like I need a 'pick me up' to finish off my work day, I will drink a half a cup. I love the taste so much that I sometimes wish it didn't give me so much energy because I would like to have a hot cup while curling up on the couch at night.