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MarketAmerica.program provides a way for Non-Profit Organizations to generate a significant funding source previously unavailable until recently through the revolutionary technology of Market America. Market America has been called the ultimate online shopping destination and for good reason. With over 35 million products and services, including thousands of exclusive products, Market America has had nearly 70 straight quarters of growth, even in the down economy. With thousands of partners stores including the likes of Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Best Buy etc., there really is no need to shop anywhere else. Market America is one of the fastest growing online retailers in the world. Along with great comparison shopping powered by Microsoft, there are exclusive deals for Market America web portal shoppers and there is cash back at most stores which can be as high as 35%. There is also an additional cash back of 1/2% for referrals for the lifetime purchases of those customers.
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So What is the NPO Program?

The Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Program allows an approved 501(c) Non-Profit Organization, to receive royalties for using the NPO name from Market America based on the participation of its supporters, shopping through a unique MA web portal - NPO branded.

Generate Royalties by:
● Following our simple straightforward process
1.Get started as a Market America NPO and set up your NPO Web Portal
2. Promote the NPO Web Portal to your supporters
3.Educate your supporters to share the NPO Web Portal with their friends and relatives
4.Purchases made at the NPO Web Portal will generate both weekly and monthly royalties for your non-profit organization!

If you are an administrator of an NPO or just a supporter, please contact Ben Atkins 843-424-2077 or Jane Atkins 843-424-3267 for more information.